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Route planning has never been easier

RoadWarrior is a route planner used by thousands of professional drivers and teams to plan their routes with multiple stops.

Crush your routes, avoid sitting in traffic, save time, and save money on gas with powerful route optimization.

Free route planning for 7 days with RoadWarrior's free trial.

Try free route planning for 7 days! RoadWarrior's route planner app is the solution to route planning

For drivers

Download the RoadWarrior route planner app for free and get the quickest route calculations in seconds. Learn more

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For teams

RoadWarrior Flex lets you easily create and assign the fastest routes for your team of drivers. Learn more

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Who can benefit from a route planner

If your route has multiple stops, we can help

Delivery Drivers



Fleet Managers

Real Estate



Field Sales


Food Delivery

Field Coordinators


What RoadWarriors are saying about our route planner

Time management is a must in home health, and planning efficient routes is a breeze with an app like this.

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Elizabeth, Home Health Nurse

I actually downloaded a few different route planner apps, and I found that RoadWarrior was the easiest and most user friendly. We wouldn’t be able to run our business as smoothly as we are without RoadWarrior.

female avatar with glasses and long flowing hair 5.0
Tanya, Landscaper

RoadWarrior is awesome. I just input multiple stops, hit optimize, and it’s like magic. If you have to stop at multiple locations daily, this is the route planner app for you.

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David, FedEx Express Driver

Without this app it would take me hours to figure out the best route. RoadWarrior is truly a five star app!

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Bennett, Internet Technician

I needed to find a route planner app that was easy to use, reliable, and cost-effective. RoadWarrior has been an absolute lifesaver for me.

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Tyler, Road Inspector

Do yourself a favor and stop playing around with other route planner apps and find your inner RoadWarrior. You’ll feel victorious after each trip.

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Ingrid, Real Estate Broker

How we're different from other route planning apps

Powerful route optimization

Optimize up to 500 stops per day and get your most efficient route in seconds

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Simple and easy to use

Get started right away and get on the road with your fastest route in two quick steps

Mobile app simple and easy to use

Straightforward Pricing

With our 7-day trial, unlock free route planning and then only $14.99 per month per driver -no sales calls, no commitment.

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Join thousands of happy RoadWarriors and get home early


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Faster routes than Google Maps alone

Google Maps Route

3 hr 27 min

115 miles

Google Maps route with list of destinations

RoadWarrior Route

2 hr 27 min

47.9 miles

RoadWarrior's route planner app helps drivers save more time than with Google maps

The RoadWarrior driver saves

1 hour | 67 miles

RoadWarrior route

Drivers, optimize your route in seconds

RoadWarrior helps drivers save time by eliminating the headache that used to come with route planning. Manually input or upload an entire list of stops and have the route optimization software rearrange and calculate the most efficient way to tackle your route in seconds.

Unlike Google Maps and free route planner apps, drivers can optimize up to 500 stops per day as well as additional settings that consider drop-off priorities, school zones, toll roads, one way trips, and more.

Explore RoadWarrior for Drivers RoadWarrior route planner app can optimize up to 500 stops per day

Dispatchers, assign and track routes in a snap

Plan and track your fleet’s routes in minutes, with RoadWarrior Flex – our fleet-management product.

Manage your drivers, assign multiple routes, and track their current location with progress check-ins. With real-time traffic updates, dispatchers are able to make edits to drivers’ routes and move an address from one route to another if necessary.

RoadWarrior Flex works with the mobile app so any changes made by the dispatcher are immediately sent to the drivers to avoid any miscommunication.

Explore RoadWarrior Flex Road Warrior app on Desktop computer screen floating widgets for users

Straightforward Pricing

Truck with cargo door open, revealing boxes
Truck with cargo door open, revealing boxes


For the solo driver or dispatcher in a team

  • 200 stops in each route
  • 500 daily optimized stops for each driver

What's Included

  • Best in-class route planning
  • Route optimization with traffic, schedules, availability
  • Data synced and backed up to servers
  • Upload and reporting
  • Dispatcher web app
  • Licensed for multiple users
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Track and monitor route progress
$1499 per month per team member

Free route planning for 7 days with our free trial!

7 day free route planning