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Crush your FedEx route

Keep track of your FedEx deliveries, manage multiple routes, and save money and time.

How RoadWarrior can help FedEx

Import FedEx manifests in one click

RoadWarrior Flex works with FedEx to seamlessly import your manifests directly to your RoadWarrior app, available on most smart devices.

Avoid traffic and get home early

Enter your stops, then sit back while RoadWarrior's powerful routing engine works its magic. You can set time windows for certain stops, avoid highways, school zones and more.

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RoadWarrior route

How it works

You’ll be making routes and deliveries in record time.
No commitment.


Connect To FedEx

We start by connecting your RoadWarrior Flex account to FedEx with your FCC login.

RoadWarrior mobile app to optimize route

Enter your routes

RoadWarrior allows both dispatchers and drivers to create and optimize routes in a snap.

RoadWarrior app navigation screen

Start navigating

Download the RoadWarrior app on both Android or iOS to access your routes anywhere, anytime.

Try free for 7 days

Frequently asked questions

  • How do you integrate with FedEx?

    1. Sign up for a RoadWarrior Flex account
    2. Choose your service areas and set RoadWarrior as a Vendor under Data Subscriptions in the FCC Portal
    3. Use the Upload Tool in RoadWarrior Flex to directly import your FedEx manifest
  • Can I import my manifest with a Pro subscription?

    At this time we are only able to integrate with RoadWarrior Flex accounts, as we need access to your Dispatcher’s FCC login to pull data.

  • Does it cost extra to import my manifests with Flex?

    There is no extra charge to import your FedEx manifests!

  • How does RoadWarrior Flex work?

    Check out our Flex help guide. If you’re interested in learning more about the mobile apps for your drivers, you can check out the Getting Started tutorial.

Don’t see your question here?

Send us an email at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

RoadWarrior saves me hours every day on my FedEx route. I don’t know what I would do without this app!

Kevin, FedEx Delivery Driver

Access the best in class features for your routes

You’ll have your fastest route in less than 5 minutes. No commitment.

Try free for 7 days
RoadWarrior route

Best pricing around

$1499 per driver per month

No commitment.

Turn on and off as you need it.

Truck with cargo door open, revealing boxes


Put up to 200 stops into the app and optimize your route in seconds.

Get up to 500 optimized stops and 500 searches daily for you and each driver.

Included features

  • Best in-class routing engine
  • Routing with traffic, schedules, availability
  • Data synced and backed up to servers
  • Upload and reporting
  • Android and iOS app
  • Dispatcher web app
  • Licensed for multiple users
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Track and monitor route progress

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