RoadWarrior has added FedEx integration!

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Turn your team into a
route crushing machine.

Take control of your routes and be the hero of your team.
Team RoadWarrior puts you in the driver seat for planning, assigning, and managing routes across your drivers and business.  With powerful, best-in-class optimization under the hood, your days and your drivers will trust you to keep them on track.

Team RoadWarrior

A bird’s-eye view from the comfort of your desktop.

The dashboard gives you the information you need, without any fillers.  See your drivers’ progress at a glance and act on it when duty calls.  One driver is ahead of schedule, while another is falling behind?  No problem, quickly pass stops or merge several routes into one.  RoadWarrior works with you and your team to get the job done.

How It Works

Graphic of unordered route stops.

Enter stops and create routes in the web app or upload locations from spreadsheets

Intelligently assign routes, saving both you and your team loads of time

Monitor progress and make adjustments as your drivers complete their routes

Scalability on the horizon, reporting at your fingertips.

Manage your business as it grows from the screen of your choice.  Our digital apps connect dispatchers and drivers seamlessly for simple, clear communications.  Add drivers to your team – or remove drivers no longer on your roster – and only pay for what you need.

Quotation marks.

As a contracted courier, this app literally saved me my subscription on my first day of using it! Every time I think what if this app could do this, I look in settings and find out that it does!

Ted, Contracted Service Provider

Team feature highlights

Unassigned Stops
Upload or create stops without attaching to a route or driver. Quickly group unassigned stops to create a new route or merge with existing routes.

API Access
Team includes API functions, enabling dispatchers with the know-how to automate common daily tasks and get their drivers moving with less effort.

Progress Tracking
More than GPS-based monitoring, progress tracking is designed to give dispatchers the information they need to take action when it matters most.

Data-Driven Results
Leverage your efforts and cut down on rework by sharing data and expertise across your team for items like favorites, notes, and history.

Team Owner's Manual
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Are you a solo driver?

Road Warrior has added FedEx integration – import your FedEx manifests with ease.

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