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Effortless route planning for teams

Whether you have one driver or hundreds of drivers, RoadWarrior Flex can help your team save time, miles, and gas money.

RoadWarrior is a route planner that lets you create the fastest routes for your team of drivers in minutes, assign routes, and track progress as your drivers crush their routes and get home early

Try RoadWarrior for free for 7 days.

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Thousands of teams love RoadWarrior






stops per year

My whole team saves hours every day with RoadWarrior.

Saves me hours of planning too.

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Margaret, Furniture Delivery Dispatcher
Try free for 7 days
RoadWarrior route

Simplify your team deliveries with RoadWarrior Flex

You’ll have your team making their stops in record time.
No commitment.

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Sign up for Flex

Create your account and add drivers to the team with the web app.

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Enter routes

Create routes or upload locations from spreadsheets.

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Assign and monitor

Easily assign optimized routes to your team and monitor their progress.

Try free for 7 days

Easily create and adjust your team

Add or remove dispatchers and drivers with ease, manage access permissions, and only pay for what you need.

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Create optimized routes in a snap

RoadWarrior accounts for traffic, priority drop-offs, school zones, tolls, and more to create the fastest routes for your team.

dotted circle road warrioir optimized morning route Road warrior optimized evening route with statistics

Track your team’s progress

One driver is ahead of schedule, while another is falling behind? No problem, quickly pass stops or merge several routes into one. RoadWarrior works with you and your team to get the job done.

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Do more with add-ons

Tailor your plan with add-ons from our Marketplace. For example, you can collect signatures or photos at the point of delivery, resolve disputes, and eliminate paperwork with the Proof of Delivery add-on. Easily add or remove features as needed. 

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As a contracted courier, this app literally saved me my subscription on my first day of using it! Every time I think “what if this app could do this?” – I look in settings and find out that it does!

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Ted, Contracted Service Provider

RoadWarrior makes routing a breeze. I can be sure my delivery drivers are on the fastest route possible. I’ve used this software for 5 years now and have recently switched to the Team version. Definitely worth every penny!

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Timothy, Small Business Owner

We have 100 crews on the street every day, and we can easily make route changes and communicate with our drivers without affecting productivity. RoadWarrior has been invaluable to our entire team.

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Joyce, Trucking Dispatcher
RoadWarrior route

Best pricing around

$1499 per month per team member

No commitment.

Turn on and off as you need it.

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Put up to 200 stops into the app and optimize your route in seconds.

Get up to 500 optimized stops and 500 searches daily for you and each driver.


  • Best in-class routing engine
  • Routing with traffic, schedules, availability
  • Data synced and backed up to servers
  • Upload and reporting
  • Android and iOS app
  • Dispatcher web app
  • Licensed for multiple users
  • Assign routes to drivers
  • Track and monitor route progress
  • Collect delivery confirmation with photos and signatures (add-on for $10/month)