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Circuit Route Planner: An Unbiased Review for 2024

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Circuit Route Planner is a cutting-edge route planning software that not only offers route optimization but also integrates real-time tracking and efficient delivery management, engineered to streamline operations for businesses across various industries including food/beverages, logistics, and more [3][7]. Known for its compatibility with Google Maps and Waze and offering features like Shopify integration, Circuit Route Planner has become an essential tool for optimizing multi-stop delivery routes[6].

However, it’s crucial for businesses to explore alternatives that might align more closely with their specific needs. RoadWarrior Flex stands out as a strong contender, providing similar route optimization and planning features but with a unique advantage that could be better suited for certain organizational requirements.

Key Features of Circuit Route Planner

Circuit Route Planner emerges as a comprehensive solution for a wide array of industries, from courier and grocery delivery to more niche markets like cannabis and healthy meal deliveries [1]. Its versatility is showcased through key features engineered to enhance efficiency and user experience:

  • Optimization & Flexibility: Offers quick optimization for multiple drivers, considering delivery priorities and service times, alongside intuitive drag-and-drop for stop rearrangement. This ensures routes are optimized in under five minutes, with real-time adjustments for unforeseen changes [3].
  • Digital & Real-Time Capabilities: Incorporates digital proof of delivery functionalities, including signature collection and delivery confirmation photos. Real-time tracking and re-optimization adapt quickly to changes, ensuring seamless delivery operations [3].
  • Comprehensive Management Tools: Features like one-click dispatch, detailed reporting for custom time ranges, and end-of-day insights streamline dispatching and operational management. Additionally, the software supports management across multiple devices, enhancing accessibility and convenience for users [3].

Circuit Route Planner’s integration with Shopify and compatibility with major navigation apps like Waze and Google Maps further solidify its position as a leading route planning software, catering to the dynamic needs of modern delivery services [6][10].

Usability and User Experience

Circuit Route Planner boasts a user-friendly interface, designed with a focus on simplicity and efficiency. Users have praised its ease of use across various roles, from dispatchers to drivers, making route creation and optimization a straightforward process. However, some users have encountered minor bugs, a result of frequent software updates, which can momentarily impact the user experience [8][6].

  • Language and Device Compatibility:
    • Supports multiple languages, adapting to the user’s phone language or defaulting to US English if the preferred language is not available [11].
    • Compatible with a wide range of devices including Android, iPad, and iPhone, ensuring accessibility for users on different platforms [12].
    • Currently supports English and Portuguese, catering to a broad audience [12].

Despite its advanced capabilities and suitability for large-scale operations, Circuit faces challenges in user-friendliness, with some users finding it less intuitive compared to other platforms. This can introduce a steeper learning curve, particularly for new users [3]. User feedback highlights the software’s effectiveness in route planning and customer service, though some have noted areas for improvement including compatibility and responsiveness [3]. To enhance usability further, Circuit allows for adding destinations through various methods such as postcodes, camera scans, or voice search, and enables users to mark priority stops, optimizing their delivery process [4]. With a high rating for ease-of-use, Circuit continues to be a favored choice among businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises [7].

Pricing and Plans

Circuit Route Planner offers a range of pricing tiers designed to accommodate the diverse needs of its users, from individuals to large businesses. Understanding these tiers can help users select the most cost-effective plan for their route planning and optimization needs:

  • Free Plan:
    • Up to 10 stops per route [11].
  • Premium Plan ($20/month):
    • Unlimited routes and stops
    • Fastest routes and route optimization
    • Spreadsheet importing (Android only)
    • No contract requirement
    • 7-day free trial [11][10].
  • Business Plans:
    • Starter tier at $100/month for up to 500 stops, each additional stop costs $0.06 [1].
    • Plans range from $100 to $750/month, tailored to the number of stops and features required [5].
    • Discounts available for annual subscriptions on Android, offering 6 months free every year [13].

For users requiring a more comprehensive solution, Circuit for Teams provides a dispatcher dashboard and an app for delivery drivers, catering to more complex route planning and management needs [13].

Pros and Cons of Using Circuit Route Planner

  • Pros of Using Circuit Route Planner
  • Exceptional Customer Service: Circuit’s team is highly commended for their excellent customer service, showcasing responsiveness and a willingness to incorporate product improvement suggestions from users [7].
  • Versatility Across Industries: Suitable for a broad spectrum of industries, including but not limited to courier delivery, grocery delivery, and e-commerce delivery, Circuit Route Planner caters to a wide array of delivery needs [1].
  • High User Satisfaction: With a 4.7-star rating on major app stores and accolades such as the FrontRunner 2022 by Software Advice, Circuit enjoys high user satisfaction and credibility in the market [4][5].
  • Cons of Using Circuit Route Planner
    • Complex Route Finalization Process: Some users find the number of buttons required to optimize a route time-consuming, indicating a potential area for interface simplification [7].
    • Limited Email Integration and Route Editing: The absence of options for adding clients’ emails directly and constraints in route editing to suit daily needs may limit flexibility for some users [7].
    • Occasional Address and Scheduling Issues: There have been reports of incorrect address routing to Google Maps and a lack of support for scheduling around business closed hours, which could lead to inefficiencies [6].

Given these details, for users seeking alternatives that may address some of Circuit Route Planner’s limitations, RoadWarrior Flex emerges as a notable option, especially for those prioritizing ease of route editing and simplicity in user interface.


Throughout this review, Circuit Route Planner has been lauded for its comprehensive features, versatility across industries, and exceptional customer service, making it a compelling choice for businesses seeking to streamline their delivery operations. However, for those who encounter specific limitations with Circuit, such as interface complexity or customization needs, RoadWarrior Flex emerges as the best alternative option. Its user-friendly design and similar capabilities provide a viable solution for businesses prioritizing ease of use and adaptability in their route planning software. This underscores the importance of selecting a system that aligns closely with operational requirements and user preferences.

In conclusion, while Circuit Route Planner stands out for its robust functionality and high user satisfaction, the exploration of alternatives such as RoadWarrior Flex is crucial for businesses aiming to find the most fitting route optimization tool for their unique contexts. Whether you’re looking to enhance delivery efficiency, improve customer satisfaction, or streamline your operational workflow, selecting the right software is pivotal. For those interested, give RoadWarrior Flex a try for 7 days with a free trial and discover if it meets your organizational needs, promising a seamless transition or complement to your current delivery management strategy.


Q: Can I trust the Circuit Route Planner for my delivery needs?
A: Absolutely, Circuit Route Planner has proven to be a reliable and user-friendly tool for managing delivery programs. It has been used for years and is particularly helpful in optimizing routes and handling multiple drivers. However, there is room for improvement in making recipient notes more accessible to drivers.

Q: What is the top route planner application available?
A: When looking for the best route planner app for Android, there are several top contenders to consider:

  • Google Maps
  • Route4Me
  • Circuit
  • RoadWarrior
  • MapQuest
  • HERE WeGo
    These apps offer a variety of features to suit different routing needs.

Q: How does Google Circuit integrate with Gmail?
A: Google Circuit is an add-on for Gmail that brings the real-time collaboration features of Circuit ( into the Gmail app. With this add-on, users can create conversations from emails and schedule collaboration sessions, including voice, video, screen sharing, and whiteboarding, directly within Google Calendar.

Q: What functions does the Circuit app provide?
A: The Circuit app is a leading route planning and delivery application for couriers and delivery drivers, operating in over 180 countries. It assists drivers in finding the most efficient routes, avoiding traffic, increasing earnings, and completing deliveries ahead of schedule daily.


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