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How Much Do Delivery Drivers Make?

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The world of delivery driving has experienced significant growth in recent years, and the demand for delivery drivers is projected to continue soaring. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of delivery drivers is expected to increase by 12% by 2028—faster than the median rate of growth for all occupations. The COVID-19 outbreak has further accelerated this trend, with consumers relying more heavily on products and services delivered directly to their doorsteps. This surge in demand has led to a substantial increase in opportunities for delivery drivers, especially those equipped to handle multiple drop-offs efficiently.

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How much do delivery drivers make in USA?

For those considering a career in delivery driving, a key question often revolves around earnings. In the United States, the average delivery driver earnings stand at $18.75 dollars/hour. Entry-level jobs typically start with $33,150 each year, offering a stable foundation for those entering the field. As drivers accumulate experience and hone their skills, their earnings can climb significantly. Experienced delivery drivers earn up to $57,688 per year according to ZipRecruiter as of August 2023.

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Establishing a Viable Career as a Delivery Driver

Yes, you can work as a delivery truck driver full-time. The demand for driver skills will grow as we see more drivers joining our workforce. It is fairly straightforward for a delivery career as there are no prerequisites or advanced training to start — you simply require your drivers license. This simple career path is suitable for those who do not need to return to school.

Flourishing as Food Delivery Drivers

Uber Eats delivery workers earn a median of $20 each, making them among the top paid app services on the market. Its most selling feature is the high availability and high reliability. This is an excellent food service provider so people usually opt to use Uber food services rather than a smaller-known company. Most people get job opportunities as Uber Eats food delivery driver. You can also use your automobile to provide Uber rides with Uber Eats food delivery, which doubles your income. It’s important to note, however, that Uber Eats does not offer fixed hourly pay; earnings are largely contingent on factors like delivery volume and customer tips.

Mastering the Art of Food Delivery

In the world of food delivery apps, the driver’s role transcends the individual—it also represents the company. Delivering exceptional customer service can leave a lasting positive impression, potentially leading to higher tips and overall earnings. By prioritizing order accuracy, timely deliveries, and a friendly demeanor, delivery drivers can ensure that customers are satisfied and inclined to show their appreciation monetarily.

Joining the Ranks: Becoming an Uber Delivery Driver

For those intrigued by the idea of becoming an Uber delivery driver, certain prerequisites must be met. Aspiring drivers should be at least 19 years old, possess a 2-door or 4-door vehicle, hold a valid driver’s license, and maintain a clean driving record. These requirements help ensure that drivers meet the company’s standards for safety and professionalism.

Stepping Up to Semi-Truck Driving

Semi-truck drivers, in charge of transporting larger and often hazardous cargo, command higher salaries than their traditional delivery driver counterparts. Their specialized skills and the responsibilities associated with handling substantial loads contribute to this discrepancy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for delivery truck drivers stands at $44,340 per year, reflecting the unique demands of the role.

Amazon Delivery Drivers

Amazon’s delivery drivers deliver goods from small items like books, appliances and furniture to large items. Amazon delivers customers should prioritize orders well and optimize their delivery routes for certain customers, e.g. On average, Amazon delivery drivers make about $43,207 a year. This could change since there have been reports of delivery driver strikes shortly after the well-known Amazon Prime Day.

With the growing popularity of online shopping, Amazon has been growing furiously with over 1,000 warehouses and fulfillment centers and with that, comes the demand for delivery drivers. While it seems that being a delivery driver is an easy-going job, it has its downfalls. With constant heavy lifting, long hours of sitting and having to battle weather conditions, they are only asking to be paid fairly with safe working conditions. It can seem daunting to ask for these things when you’re stacked up against a billion dollar company, but recently UPS announced an increase in their average delivery driver salary.

UPS: Elevating Delivery Driver Compensation

While the average delivery driver salary floats around $50,000 per year, UPS announced their delivery drivers will earn an average salary of $170,000 in annual pay and benefits at the end of a five-year contract agreement. Previously before the strike, the average salary for delivery drivers was $145,000 over five years. This boost in wages will increase the average hourly rate for part-time delivery drivers to $25.75 per hour and increase full-time UPS delivery driver salary to an average of $49 per hour.

In addition to a higher six-figure salary, UPS delivery drivers will also receive $50,000 in benefits that include health, welfare and pension contributions.

Embracing the Future of the Delivery Driver

In a world where online shopping continues to reshape consumer habits, the delivery driver remain the backbone of the modern retail landscape. Their efforts bridge the gap between businesses and customers, ensuring that products reach their intended destinations swiftly and efficiently. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s essential for both companies and consumers to recognize the value that delivery drivers bring and to advocate for fair wages and optimal working conditions. By doing so, we can build a future where the vital work of delivery drivers is not only rewarded but also respected.