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Product Update: Introducing Proof of Delivery

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We are thrilled to announce our newest feature: Proof of Delivery! With this new add-on for RoadWarrior, drivers can be even more efficient and streamlined in their operations while ensuring customer satisfaction, all within the app. 

Traditionally, obtaining proof of delivery involved collecting signatures on paper forms. However, with the rise of “no-contact delivery” during the pandemic, electronic proof of delivery has become an essential component in the delivery industry. By leveraging electronic proof of delivery software, delivery companies can streamline their delivery processes, save time, improve operational flexibility, and enhance customer experiences.

How the RoadWarrior Electronic Proof of Delivery System Works

Electronic proof of delivery consists of two major components: the RoadWarrior mobile app for capturing photos or signatures of deliveries on location and the Flex web app for managing and monitoring deliveries from the office. 

Our proof of delivery solution goes beyond capturing digital signatures. It can also collect additional data such as QR codes, barcodes, time stamps, geo-stamps, and package photos. Once drivers collect the data, it gets relayed back to the central Flex hub for registry and review. 

Top Benefits of RoadWarrior’s Electronic Proof of Delivery Add-On

Adding RoadWarrior’s electronic proof of delivery solution into your delivery operations can bring numerous benefits. Let’s explore some of the advantages:

1. No Paperwork

One of the significant advantages of our electronic proof of delivery software is the elimination of paperwork. The manual data collection process is time-consuming, and reconciling and merging paper records demands significant effort. Moreover, physical documents can be easily lost or damaged, leading to delivery disputes and customer dissatisfaction.

By digitizing the proof of delivery process, we help streamline operations and reduce administrative burden. Drivers can collect data with a simple swipe on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for paperwork. The app automatically uploads the information into the system, ensuring real-time access and eliminating the risk of losing or damaging paper documents.

2. Cost Savings

RoadWarrior’s electronic proof of delivery brings cost savings to companies. By eliminating paperwork, you save money on paper and printing costs. Additionally, digital archiving of signatures eliminates the need for expensive storage cabinets and scanning equipment. The use of mobile phones for signature capture eliminates the need for additional hardware investments.

3. Environmental Impact Reduction

RoadWarrior was already promoting environmental responsibility with more efficient routes which meant less time on the road and less gas being consumed. Additionally, using paper for proof of delivery generates a significant environmental impact. With our electronic proof of delivery add-on, you can contribute to reducing your carbon footprint even more. 

4. It’s Part of a Comprehensive Delivery Solution

The Proof of Delivery add-on is integrated into a powerful suite of features that streamline your delivery and fleet operations, such as route optimization, GPS tracking, and reporting.

With the Proof of Delivery add-on for RoadWarrior, you can lift your team’s delivery operations to the next level. Finally, please do contact us if you have any questions about the new Proof of Delivery add-on. We hope you enjoy it!