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RoadWarrior: Your Ultimate Route Planning and Optimization Solution

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Try free for 7 days

RoadWarrior is a cloud-based multi-stop route planner designed specifically for route operations. It serves as your reliable copilot, ensuring timely arrivals at your delivery destinations. With RoadWarrior, you can say goodbye to unnecessary time wastage and miles per route, saving both time and money.

Whether you’re a solo driver or managing a team of multiple drivers, RoadWarrior caters to all your business needs and requirements. It offers both a mobile app for drivers and the RoadWarrior Flex web app for teams, making it suitable for individuals and businesses alike. The mobile app is compatible with iOS, iPad, and Android devices, providing flexibility and convenience.

Key Features of RoadWarrior

1. Route Planning with Precision

RoadWarrior simplifies route planning by allowing you to create routes with precision. Whether you’re starting from scratch or have a spreadsheet with multiple stops, RoadWarrior makes it easy to plan your routes efficiently. You can upload your stops instantly and optimize routes to minimize travel time and distance.

2. Efficient Route Optimization

RoadWarrior’s advanced algorithms ensure that your routes are optimized for efficiency. It takes into account real-time traffic, drop-off priorities, time windows, service time, and other factors to calculate the most efficient routes. By optimizing your routes, you can save on fuel costs and complete more deliveries in less time.

3. Swift Dispatch with One Click

With RoadWarrior, dispatching routes to drivers is a breeze. The one-click dispatch feature allows you to assign routes to drivers with just a single click. This streamlines your dispatching process, saving you time and ensuring swift deliveries.

4. Real-time GPS Tracking

Stay informed and track your deliveries in real-time with RoadWarrior’s GPS tracking feature. You can monitor the progress of your drivers and ensure that they are on schedule. Real-time tracking provides you with visibility and control over your deliveries, allowing you to address any issues promptly.

5. Seamless API Integration

RoadWarrior seamlessly integrates with other systems through its API integration. You can connect RoadWarrior with apps like Waze, Apple Maps, HERE Maps for route planning, and Glympse for sending estimated times of arrival (ETAs) to your clients. This integration enhances your overall delivery operations and improves customer satisfaction.

RoadWarrior Flex: The Web App for Dispatchers

RoadWarrior Flex

RoadWarrior Flex is a powerful web app designed specifically for dispatchers. It provides dispatch managers with complete control and management of routes and drivers. With RoadWarrior Flex, you can easily add multiple drivers, assign routes, optimize them, and track the progress of your drivers.

The web app allows you to customize access permissions for each driver, ensuring that only authorized individuals have access to specific routes or areas. This level of control and coordination enhances security and efficiency within your team.

RoadWarrior Additional Features

RoadWarrior offers many valuable features and functionalities for route planning and optimization.

RoadWarrior offers a wide range of features that make it a superior choice for route planning and optimization. With RoadWarrior, you can import your stops in Excel or CSV format, directly upload FedEx manifests, optimize routes with advanced algorithms, and collect proof of delivery with either a signature or a photo. The detailed reports and analytics provide valuable insights for data-driven decision-making.

Additionally, RoadWarrior is designed to meet the needs of businesses of all sizes, whether you’re a solo driver or managing a team of drivers.

RoadWarrior Pricing Plans

RoadWarrior offers three pricing plans: Basic, Pro, and Flex. Each plan comes with different features and limitations. Let’s take a closer look at each plan:

RoadWarrior Basic

  • Price: Free
  • Stops per route: 8
  • Optimize stops per day: 50
  • Features: Standard route planning features based on real-time traffic or availability.

RoadWarrior Pro

  • Price: $14.99/month
  • Stops per route: 120
  • Optimize stops per day: 500
  • Features: Basic features + data uploading, reporting, data syncing, and data backup.

RoadWarrior Flex

  • Price: $14.99/month per team member
  • Stops per route: 200
  • Optimize stops per day: 500
  • Features: Pro features + route planning, optimization, assigning, and dispatching, and dispatcher web app.

When assessing the worth of these pricing plans, consider whether they meet your business needs and requirements. Evaluate if the features offered align with your routing operations and if the investment will provide a guaranteed return.

RoadWarrior Features in Detail

1. Search, Optimize, and Assign

RoadWarrior offers a user-friendly interface that allows you to search, optimize, and assign routes with ease. In the header of the RoadWarrior Route Planner, you can find the search, optimize, and assign options. Clicking on the plus icon allows you to create a new route, copy an existing route, or open a recent route. If you have a spreadsheet with planned routes, you can upload it directly to RoadWarrior.

After creating a route, you can optimize it with just a click of a button. RoadWarrior calculates the travel time and distance for the optimized route, considering various factors such as real-time traffic, drop-off priorities, time windows, and more. Once optimized, you can assign the route to a driver and send them an update via SMS.

2. Track Route Assignment

After optimizing and assigning routes to drivers, RoadWarrior allows you to track the status of the route assignment. Drivers notifications via the mobile app informing them of the newly assigned route. They can accept or reject the route, and you can track the assignment status through the RoadWarrior dashboard. This feature enhances communication and coordination between dispatchers and drivers.

3. Panel View

RoadWarrior offers a multi-panel view that allows you to navigate seamlessly throughout your busy day. You can choose between map view, list view, pin view, or status view, depending on your preferences and the information you need. The map view displays the entire route on a map, including favorites and tasks assigned in specific regions. The list view shows the route as a list, with tabs for itinerary, stops, favorites, and tasks. The pin view provides detailed information about individual stops, while the status view gives you a summary of all currently open routes and their assignment/completion status.

4. Multi-Select and Lasso Tool

RoadWarrior simplifies the selection of multiple stops with its multi-select mode and lasso tool. In the toolbar, you can find the checkbox button that enables multi-select mode. This allows you to select multiple stops at once, making it easier to manage larger routes. The lasso tool, accessible through the map selection tool, allows you to switch between multi-select and lasso mode, depending on your current needs.

5. API Access

RoadWarrior offers API integration with third-party apps, allowing you to automate daily tasks and streamline your operations. The integration with FedEx, for example, enables you to import daily manifests seamlessly. RoadWarrior’s API access provides a wide range of functionalities and data, enhancing efficiency and reducing manual interaction with other systems.


RoadWarrior is a reliable route planning and optimization software that caters to the needs of professional couriers, sales representatives, and small businesses. It offers features like route planning, optimization, one-click dispatch, and GPS tracking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is RoadWarrior? A: RoadWarrior is a route planning and optimization software designed to help businesses efficiently plan and manage their delivery routes.

Q: Who can use RoadWarrior? A: RoadWarrior is suitable for individual contractors and corporations involved in deliveries, pickups, and service tasks.

Q: How does RoadWarrior route optimization work? A: RoadWarrior uses advanced algorithms to calculate the most efficient routes based on factors such as distance, traffic conditions, delivery time windows, and priority stops.

Q: Can RoadWarrior handle large numbers of stops and drivers? A: Yes, RoadWarrior can handle a significant number of stops and drivers. However, it has limitations on the number of stops that can be imported and optimized per day.

Q: Does RoadWarrior offer a free trial? A: Yes, RoadWarrior offer a free trial for 7 days