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The Top Sales Route Planners – Get Optimized Routes in Seconds

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In today’s fast-paced business landscape, sales reps are constantly seeking innovative ways to streamline their processes and boost productivity. One critical aspect of achieving sales success is efficient route planning, which ensures that sales representatives can visit clients and prospects in the most strategic and time-effective manner. Thankfully, the digital age has brought forth a range of powerful sales route planning apps that can revolutionize the way sales teams operate. One of the main questions we see a lot is “why do I need this if I have google maps?” In this blog post, we will delve into the top sales route planning apps that are making waves in the industry and highlight the features that google maps doesn’t provide to its users.

  1. Badger Maps
  2. Route4Me
  3. PTV Map&Guide
  4. MyRouteOnline
  5. Circuit Route Planner
  6. WorkWave Route Manager
  7. Routific
  8. Locus Dispatcher
  9. Optimoroute
  10. RoadWarrior

Badger Maps: Sales Route Planner

Badger Maps stands as a comprehensive solution for field sales reps, offering dynamic route optimization, lead generation, and CRM integration. This sales route planning app employs cutting-edge algorithms to optimize sales routes based on factors like distance, traffic, and calendar integration to prioritize appointments. Its integration with popular CRMs ensures seamless data synchronization, allowing sales reps to include important notes and access critical customer data on the go. With real-time traffic updates and check-ins, Badger Maps empowers sales reps to make informed decisions and maximize their efficiency with the most efficient routes.

It’s also great for tracking your field sales team with performance reports as well as staying connected with your sales reps to make adjustments to their sales routes if necessary. In addition to managing your team, with Badger Maps sales managers can train their field sales team members in half the time with better onboarding. Not only does your sales team get a visual of their territory, you can show them what opportunities and prospects are available from day 1 and help them create their sales route.

Route4Me Route Planner

Route4Me is a robust route planning app tailored for businesses with complex multi-stop needs. This app excels in optimizing routes for multiple destinations, making it an excellent choice for delivery services and sales teams with numerous client visits. Route4Me’s interactive map interface simplifies the process of adding and reordering stops, while its analytics tools provide insights into driver performance and route efficiency. With its focus on reducing mileage, fuel costs, and travel time, Route4Me is a standout choice for businesses looking to enhance their delivery and sales operations.

If you prefer manual sales route planning with google maps and drive to less than 10 stops per day on your sales route, Route4Me states on their website their product is not for you.

PTV Map&Guide

For businesses with a European focus, PTV Map&Guide offers specialized route planning capabilities. With a strong emphasis on the unique challenges of European road networks and regulations, this app ensures compliance and efficiency. PTV Map&Guide also provides detailed information on tolls, rest areas, and other relevant factors for commercial drivers. Its ability to consider vehicle specifications, load types, and road restrictions makes it an indispensable tool for sales teams navigating the intricacies of European roads.

MyRouteOnline: Sales Route Planning

MyRouteOnline specializes in optimizing routes with multiple stops, making it ideal for sales reps who need to juggle numerous client visits in a single trip. This app supports importing addresses from various sources and offers real-time traffic updates to ensure accurate estimations. You can import as many as 350 different addresses with Excel and export your sales route to your smartphone and navigate with whichever GPS app you prefer.

Circuit Route Planner: Simplified Last-Mile Deliveries

Circuit Route Planner focuses on optimizing routes for last-mile deliveries and field service operations. While it’s geared more for delivery drivers due to features such as package tracking, it’s designed for both large teams of drivers and for the individual driver as well. Users can can get an optimized route prioritizing time windows as well as delivery notes that could help with prospective clients. With a strong emphasis on user experience, this app allows for easy importing of spreadsheets and integrates seamlessly with popular CRMs. Circuit’s drag-and-drop functionality makes it simple to adjust routes on the fly, while its mobile app ensures that drivers have access to the latest route information and updates.

WorkWave Route Manager: End-to-End Field Service Solution

WorkWave Route Manager offers an end-to-end solution for field service businesses, encompassing route planning, tracking, and communication. Beyond route optimization, this app includes features such as customer notifications, electronic proof of delivery, and vehicle tracking. WorkWave’s robust reporting and analytics tools provide insights into driver performance and overall operational efficiency, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses with intricate field service needs.

Routific: Sustainable Route Planning

Routific stands out for its commitment to sustainability, allowing businesses to optimize routes while minimizing their environmental impact. This app takes factors like fuel consumption and carbon emissions into account, helping businesses reduce their ecological footprint. Routific’s user-friendly interface and quick optimization make it a valuable tool for companies looking to align their operations with eco-conscious practices.

Locus Dispatcher: AI-Driven Route Optimization

Locus Dispatcher leverages artificial intelligence to optimize routes, enabling businesses to adapt to dynamic conditions and real-time changes. This app considers factors like time windows, vehicle capacity, and historical traffic data to create efficient routes. Locus Dispatcher’s AI-driven approach ensures that routes remain optimized even in the face of unforeseen disruptions, enhancing reliability and customer satisfaction.

Optimoroute: Data-Driven Delivery Optimization

Optimoroute focuses on data-driven route optimization for delivery-based businesses. By considering historical order data, traffic patterns, and vehicle capacity, this app creates routes that prioritize efficiency and customer satisfaction. Optimoroute’s dashboard provides real-time visibility to sales managers so they can track their drivers’ locations and order statuses, enabling businesses to stay informed and make informed decisions on the go.

RoadWarrior: Created by Sales Reps

While often associated with truck drivers and delivery drivers, RoadWarrior was actually created by Rick Kennedy for his wife who was a sales rep. Oftentimes frustrated with the lack of route optimization from apps like google maps, Rick saw an opportunity to create a route planner that would focus on mapping the most efficient sales routes for those who were always on the road. What started out as a sales route planning software eventually turned into route mapping software that could be used for individual drivers, sales managers, teams of drivers and dispatchers.

RoadWarrior offers an intuitive user interface that simplifies route planning for sales professionals on the move. This app focuses on optimizing routes based on time, distance, and other customizable parameters such as avoiding toll roads to create an even more efficient route. RoadWarrior also takes into account traffic and weather conditions, ensuring that sales representatives can adapt to real-world situations. With its easy-to-use features and robust optimization algorithms, RoadWarrior is an excellent choice for teams or individuals seeking a user-friendly yet effective sales route planning solution.

In conclusion, the world of sales is evolving, and so are the tools that empower sales professionals to excel. These top sales route planning apps offer a range of features designed to enhance efficiency, reduce costs, and elevate customer satisfaction. From comprehensive field sales solutions to specialized European route planning tools, there’s an app for every business’s unique needs. By harnessing the power of these apps, sales teams can navigate their way to success in today’s dynamic business environment.