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Who Pays Better: Grubhub or DoorDash?

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Becoming a delivery driver has become an increasingly popular way to earn extra money or even work full-time. With the rise of food delivery services, such as Grubhub and DoorDash, drivers have more options than ever. But if you’re considering joining the ranks of delivery drivers, you may be wondering which service pays better. In this comprehensive comparison, we will delve into the pros and cons of working for Grubhub and DoorDash, their average earnings, and how you can maximize your income.

A Quick Overview of Grubhub and DoorDash

Grubhub, founded in 2004, operates in over 4,000 cities across the United States, partnering with an extensive network of more than 80,000 restaurants. DoorDash, on the other hand, has been around since 2013 and has a presence in over 7,000 cities across the United States, Canada, Australia, and Japan. Both services offer flexible work hours and require drivers to meet certain criteria, such as being 18 years or older, having a valid driver’s license, and passing a background check.

Feature Grubhub DoorDash
Cities Covered 4,000+ 7,000+
Restaurant Partners 80,000+ 340,000+
Minimum Age Requirement 19 (21 in Chicago and Las Vegas) 18
App Compatibility iOS 11 or higher, Android 5.0 or higher iOS, Android
Vehicle Options Car, scooter, bicycle (in select cities) Car, scooter, bicycle (in select cities)
Payment Frequency Weekly via direct deposit Weekly via direct deposit or fast pay (additional fee)

Pros and Cons of Working for DoorDash

DoorDash, as one of the largest food delivery services, offers several advantages for drivers. The flexibility to work as little or as much as you want is ideal for those juggling multiple commitments or looking for a side hustle. DoorDash allows you to plan your own schedule, and you can even bring a friend along while delivering. Additionally, DoorDash drivers are guaranteed a base pay amount, and you get to keep 100% of your tips. The company also offers an incentive program to encourage drivers to take more orders, providing opportunities to earn extra income.

However, there are some downsides to consider. DoorDash may put additional wear and tear on your vehicle if you have one, and the availability of the “Dash Now” option depends on the demand and the number of scheduled drivers. Furthermore, while DoorDash is the largest food delivery service in many major cities, the average earnings for DoorDash drivers are lower compared to Grubhub drivers. On average, a DoorDash driver makes $13.11 per hour.

Pros and Cons of Working for Grubhub

Grubhub, with its extensive network of restaurant partners, offers several advantages for drivers. The company provides a higher average hourly rate compared to DoorDash, with Grubhub drivers averaging $18.46 per hour. Grubhub allows you to plan your own schedule, and there is no minimum order acceptance rate, giving you the freedom to decline orders that may not be financially rewarding. Additionally, Grubhub offers an Instant Cash Out feature for a small fee, allowing you to access your earnings immediately.

However, there are a few limitations to consider. Grubhub requires drivers to be at least 19 years old (or 21 in Chicago and Las Vegas), and there are specific smartphone requirements for the app. The wear and tear on your vehicle, if you have one, is also a factor to consider. While Grubhub offers a higher average hourly rate, the availability of high-paying orders may vary depending on location and demand.

Comparing Earnings: Doordash vs. Grubhub

When it comes to earnings, several factors come into play. The city you drive in, the frequency of your driving, the time of day or night you choose to work, and the availability of peak pay boosts all contribute to how much you can make as a delivery driver. Both DoorDash and Grubhub allow drivers to keep 100% of their tips, regardless of whether the customer pays with cash, debit card, or credit card.

On average, DoorDash drivers make $13.11 per hour, while Grubhub drivers make $18.46 per hour. These figures are determined by considering various factors, such as order acceptance, time spent on the road, and tips. It’s important to note that these are average rates and may vary depending on the specific circumstances and location.

Both DoorDash and Grubhub offer opportunities for drivers to earn extra income through incentives and bonuses. DoorDash has a Guaranteed Earning Incentives program, and Grubhub offers special offers called Missions. By reaching certain goals or completing a certain number of orders, drivers can earn additional money.

Working for Multiple Services: Maximizing Earnings

If you’re looking to increase your earnings as a delivery driver, working for multiple services can be a great strategy. By diversifying your sources of income, you can take advantage of the highest-paying delivery opportunities at any given time. In addition to Grubhub and DoorDash, other popular food delivery services like Uber Eats, Postmates, Instacart, and Shipt also offer delivery opportunities.

Working for multiple services requires careful planning and organization. It’s important to juggle orders from different companies effectively and be familiar with the apps and processes of each service. One helpful tool for optimizing multiple orders is RoadWarrior, a route planning app that allows you to plan and optimize your routes, saving time and maximizing your delivery capacity.

Before signing up for multiple services, it’s essential to research and compare driver pay, requirements, and perks for each service. Reading driver reviews can provide valuable insights into the experiences of other drivers and help you make informed decisions.

Tips for Maximizing Earnings on Food Deliveries

Apart from choosing the right delivery service and working for multiple platforms, there are several strategies you can employ to maximize your earnings as a delivery driver. These tips can help you make the most of your time and effort while delivering food.

  1. Be polite and professional: Maintaining a positive attitude and providing excellent customer service can lead to higher tips and repeat business.
  2. Know your way around town: Familiarize yourself with the areas you’ll be delivering to, including shortcuts, parking options, and popular restaurants. This knowledge can help you save time and complete more orders.
  3. Take care of your vehicle: Regular maintenance and upkeep of your vehicle are crucial for a smooth and efficient delivery experience. Keep your car clean, check tire pressure regularly, and ensure you have enough gas for your deliveries.
  4. Drive during peak hours: Peak hours are typically the busiest times for delivery services, and they often offer higher pay rates or bonuses. Driving during these periods can significantly increase your earnings.
  5. Optimize your routes: Use tools like RoadWarrior to plan and optimize your delivery routes. By organizing your deliveries efficiently, you can make more deliveries in less time, leading to higher earnings.

By implementing these strategies and utilizing available resources, you can increase your earnings as a food delivery driver.

Conclusion: The Choice is Yours

When it comes to deciding between Grubhub and DoorDash, there is no definitive answer. The best choice for you depends on your individual preferences, location, and financial goals. Both services offer opportunities for drivers to earn money, but they have their pros and cons.

Consider your priorities, such as flexibility, average earnings, and availability in your area, when making your decision. Additionally, working for multiple services can be a viable option to maximize your earnings as a delivery driver.

Remember, your success as a delivery driver depends on various factors, including your dedication, professionalism, and ability to provide excellent customer service. By choosing the right service, optimizing your routes, and employing effective strategies, you can make the most of your career as a food delivery driver.