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OptimoRoute Review: Key Features, Pricing, and Alternatives

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User Interface and Ease of Use

OptimoRoute offers a user interface that, while slightly dated, remains reasonably easy to use and intuitive. Users do not need to be highly tech-savvy to navigate through the system, thanks to its straightforward dashboard design. However, the interface can become cluttered with multiple smaller windows opening over one another, which might complicate the user experience 4. Despite these challenges, OptimoRoute provides a wealth of help articles and video tutorials on their website, assisting both new and existing users in mastering the system’s features. The customer support team is noted for their responsiveness, promptly addressing client inquiries and issues 4.

Route Optimization Capabilities

OptimoRoute stands out for its advanced route optimization capabilities, designed to improve efficiency and cost-effectiveness. The system allows for the import of large volumes of orders and optimizes routes and schedules considering various constraints such as driver schedules, vehicle load capacity, and customer-specific service windows 7. OptimoRoute supports planning for an unlimited number of orders and drivers simultaneously, making it a robust tool for businesses managing extensive logistics operations 2.

The software calculates the most efficient routes and schedules, maximizing order completion while minimizing costs. It includes features for adjusting routes in real-time, such as inserting last-minute orders or changing stop sequences if a driver is unavailable 1 8. Moreover, OptimoRoute’s route planning is highly customizable, accommodating different vehicle specifics and driver skills, and even allows for the planning of routes for large trucks and hazardous material vehicles by considering size and street access restrictions 1 8.

Additionally, OptimoRoute’s mobile app enhances the route optimization process by providing live tracking and real-time updates on driver locations and estimated times of arrival 1. This integration ensures that businesses can maintain accurate scheduling and improve overall customer satisfaction by keeping all stakeholders informed throughout the delivery process.

Overall, OptimoRoute’s combination of a user-friendly interface and powerful route optimization tools makes it a valuable solution for businesses looking to streamline their delivery and service operations.

Pricing and Plans

Subscription Options

OptimoRoute offers three main pricing tiers designed to accommodate businesses of various sizes and needs. The “Lite” plan is priced at $35.10 per driver per month when billed annually and includes essential features such as a mobile app for drivers, route history, and the ability to export data to Excel, Garmin, and more. It allows planning for up to 700 orders at once 10.

The “Pro” plan, aimed at businesses seeking more advanced features, is available for $44.10 per driver per month, also billed annually. This plan includes all the features of the Lite plan plus additional capabilities such as analytics, weekly planning, real-time order tracking, proof of delivery, and customer feedback. It supports planning for up to 1,000 orders at once 10.

For businesses with unique or extensive requirements, the “Custom” plan offers tailored solutions. This plan supports planning for thousands of orders at once and includes advanced features such as multi-day long-haul routes, commercial routing, and access to technical consulting and expert support. Pricing for the Custom plan is provided upon request 10.

Value for Money

OptimoRoute’s pricing structure is straightforward and transparent, with no hidden fees or contracts. Customers can choose to pay monthly or annually, with a 10% discount available for those who opt for the latter. The flexibility to upgrade or modify the number of drivers as business needs change is a notable advantage, ensuring that businesses only pay for what they need 10.

Users have expressed high satisfaction with the value offered by OptimoRoute, highlighting its affordability and the significant impact on operational efficiency. The software is noted for paying for itself many times over by streamlining routing processes and improving the bottom line. Many small businesses find the pricing very fair, especially when compared to other route planning services 11 12.

OptimoRoute also offers a free 30-day trial of its Pro features, allowing potential customers to experience the full range of capabilities before making a financial commitment. This trial is a testament to the confidence OptimoRoute has in the value of its product 10.

Performance and Efficiency

Integration with Other Tools

OptimoRoute offers robust integration capabilities through its Web Service Application Programming Interface (API), which allows seamless connection with a variety of third-party software. This integration is vital for businesses looking to automate their operations and enhance efficiency. The API supports a range of actions including creating, updating, or deleting orders, planning routes, and retrieving route and scheduling information 16 17. It is also possible to update driver parameters, such as working hours and vehicle assignments, directly through the API 16.

The flexibility of OptimoRoute’s API extends to its compatibility with major ecommerce platforms, accounting software, and other business management tools. Notable platforms that OptimoRoute has successfully integrated with include SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle Fusion, and Shopify, among others 17. This extensive compatibility underscores OptimoRoute’s utility in streamlining delivery and field service operations by facilitating near-end-to-end automation 17.

Route Planning Accuracy

OptimoRoute’s strength lies in its sophisticated algorithms that deliver highly accurate route planning and scheduling. The software not only allows for the efficient management of multiple drivers and orders but also supports specific scheduled appointments and routes around them 21. This capability significantly reduces the time spent on route planning, from several hours to mere minutes, enhancing operational efficiency and accuracy 20.

Furthermore, OptimoRoute’s breadcrumbs feature provides detailed insights into the actual routes taken by drivers compared to the planned routes, offering businesses a close-up view of on-ground realities versus expectations 19. Despite some limitations, such as the absence of live traffic data integration, the platform’s core functionality in route optimization remains highly effective. Users have reported a reduction in fuel and driving expenses by up to 20%, underscoring the tangible benefits of using OptimoRoute for route planning 21.

By leveraging these advanced features, businesses can achieve a more streamlined operation, ensuring that routes are not only planned efficiently but are also adaptable to real-time changes and customer preferences.

Comparative Analysis with Competitors

Comparison with Route4Me

OptimoRoute and Route4Me are both prominent players in the route planning software market, each offering unique features tailored to specific business needs. OptimoRoute boasts a user rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars based on 153 reviews, slightly edging out Route4Me’s 4.5 rating from 388 reviews 24. Users appreciate OptimoRoute for its robust functionality in planning routes for optimal efficiency, highlighting its ability to handle multiple drivers and large volumes of orders effectively 23.

However, Route4Me offers advanced features such as master routing, route assignment, and live GPS tracking, which are highly valued by businesses managing complex logistics operations 28. Some users have noted challenges with Route4Me, including issues with address accuracy and GPS navigation, which have reportedly worsened over the past year 24. In contrast, OptimoRoute’s main limitations revolve around its integration with external mapping tools, which some users find lacking 24.

Comparison with MyRouteOnline

When comparing OptimoRoute with MyRouteOnline, both platforms cater to a wide range of business sizes and types, from freelancers to large enterprises, and support various platforms including web-based applications and mobile devices 25. MyRouteOnline is praised for its user-friendly interface and powerful multi-stop route optimization capabilities, which are similar to those offered by OptimoRoute 28.

Both services provide extensive customer support options, including phone support, online resources, and video tutorials, ensuring that users can maximize the benefits of the software 25. However, OptimoRoute distinguishes itself with its specialized features for field service and delivery businesses, which are designed to enhance service quality and operational efficiency 25.

Comparison with RoadWarrior Flex

A great alternative to OptimoRoute, as identified in the special user request, is RoadWarrior Flex. This software stands out with its comprehensive feature set that includes multi-stop and multi-driver route optimization, real-time route monitoring, and performance analytics 28. RoadWarrior Flex is particularly noted for its real-time updates and proof of delivery features, which are essential for businesses aiming to improve customer satisfaction 28.

Moreover, RoadWarrior Flex’s ability to integrate seamlessly with popular navigation apps enhances its usability for drivers, ensuring that routes are not only optimized but also easy to follow 29. This integration, coupled with the software’s robust analytics capabilities, makes RoadWarrior Flex a formidable competitor to OptimoRoute, offering a user-friendly, efficient, and cost-effective solution for route optimization 28.


Throughout this review, OptimoRoute has been lauded for its user-friendly interface, sophisticated route optimization capabilities, and cost-effective pricing models, addressing the needs of various businesses seeking to enhance their operational efficiencies. However, it is clear that the decision to choose a route planning tool is multifaceted, requiring consideration of user-specific needs, integration capabilities, and the volume of orders to be managed. The comparison with competitors such as Route4Me, MyRouteOnline, and particularly RoadWarrior Flex, underscores OptimoRoute’s position in a competitive landscape, highlighting its strengths and areas of improvement.

In the quest for operational excellence and customer satisfaction, it’s vital for businesses to explore and evaluate alternatives that align with their unique requirements. A great alternative to OptimoRoute Route Planner is RoadWarrior Flex, which emerges as a formidable option for those seeking comprehensive, effective, and user-friendly route optimization solutions. For businesses keen on exploring this alternative, try out RoadWarrior Flex for 7 days with a free trial, offering an opportunity to experience its capabilities firsthand. This exploration will not only broaden the horizons of possibilities in route planning and optimization but also ensure that the chosen solution best fits the business’s goals and operational dynamics.


1. Can I trust OptimoRoute for route planning? Yes, OptimoRoute is a legitimate route planning software known for its competitive pricing and robust features. It offers excellent customer support through both phone and email, and the ability to manage multiple drivers makes it highly efficient for planning routes.

2. What are some top free apps for route optimization? Some of the best free route optimization apps include Google Maps, Waze, and Apple Maps. Other notable mentions are Field Sales Badger Maps, Mapsly, BatchGeo, TruckRouter, LogiNext Mile, MyRouteOnline, Speedy Route, and RouteXL. These apps cater to various needs from logistics and trucking to delivery services.

3. How can I create my own route for free? is an excellent tool for mapping your own routes at no cost. It allows you to download an unlimited number of maps to your mobile device and create unlimited routes. You can add up to five waypoints, search for pit stops, and navigate without using any data.

4. Is there a recommended app for planning trips with multiple stops? Route4Me Route Planner is highly recommended for planning trips with multiple stops. It’s designed for professional drivers and businesses, making it a practical solution for multi-stop route planning.


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