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Ranking the Best Food Delivery Services That Pay the Most in 2024

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The online food delivery market has experienced remarkable growth, reaching a substantial valuation of US$26.1 billion in 2022, and is projected to soar to US$1.02 trillion in 2023, further emphasizing the sector’s rapid expansion [1]. In an age where convenience is king, food delivery services have become integral to our daily lives, offering a plethora of options from the best online food delivery to top food delivery services catering to diverse customer preferences [1][2][3]. With the market’s expected annual growth rate of nearly 13% from 2023 to 2027, it’s clear that food delivery driver apps and platforms are reshaping how we think about mealtime [3].

Identifying the best food delivery service in this booming market is crucial for consumers looking for quality, efficiency, and especially for drivers seeking the best paying delivery apps [3]. As the demand for food delivery services continues to rise, the options available ranging from the best food meal delivery service to specific food delivery platforms are evolving, catering to the needs of a growing global customer base expected to reach 1.5 billion by 2024 [1]. This article will delve into ranking the services that not only offer the best online food experience but also stand out as the best paying delivery apps for those looking to maximize earnings in 2024 [1][2][3].


Grubhub stands as a pivotal player in the food delivery sector, offering compelling earning potentials for its drivers. The average hourly pay for a Grubhub Driver in the US as of March 21, 2024, is $18.75, with wages spanning from $9.86 to $30.77. Notably, the bulk of wages fall between $14.42 (25th percentile) and $20.19 (75th percentile), underscoring a broad spectrum of earning opportunities based on various factors including location, with Chicago, IL drivers earning an average of $19 per hour [4].

Grubhub’s pay structure is multifaceted, encompassing:

  • Delivery Pay: Calculated based on mileage, time spent delivering, and the local market [6].
  • Tips: Drivers retain 100% of customer tips [6].
  • Missions and Special Offers: Opportunities for drivers to augment their pay through completing specified goals within a set timeframe [6].
  • Grubhub Contribution: A guaranteed hourly rate for drivers who operate during designated windows [6].
  • Sweepstakes: In select markets, drivers can participate in sweepstakes to boost earnings [6].

The platform’s flexibility is a significant draw, offering drivers the liberty to work as much or as little as desired, without the necessity of having passengers in the car, unlike ride-sharing apps. However, it’s crucial for drivers to consider expenses such as fuel, vehicle maintenance, and insurance. Additionally, factors like block scheduling, mode of transportation, and the ability to leverage tips and special offers can significantly influence earnings [5].

Uber Eats

Uber Eats distinguishes itself in the food delivery market with its expansive restaurant network and swift delivery times, making it a top contender for the best food delivery service. Offering over 825,000 restaurant options, Uber Eats partners with a vast range of eateries to cater to every palate, including specialized food categories like halal and gluten-free options [8]. This diversity in choices positions Uber Eats and Postmates as leaders in providing customers with a wide array of dining experiences [8].

  • Delivery Efficiency: Uber Eats boasts the fastest delivery times among its competitors, averaging 25-40 minutes in suburban areas and an impressive 10-15 minutes in urban settings [8]. This efficiency is a significant selling point for users seeking quick meal solutions.
  • Earning Potential for Drivers: The average hourly pay for an Uber Eats Driver in the U.S. as of March 2024 is $18.75, with earnings ranging from $14.42 to $20.19 across different percentiles [10]. This variability in pay, influenced by factors such as location and experience, suggests opportunities for drivers to increase their earnings. Notably, cities like Sunnyvale, CA, and Livermore, CA, are among the top-paying locations for Uber Eats drivers, offering annual salaries upwards of $50,000 [10].

Uber Eats’ commitment to flexibility and competitive earnings, coupled with its extensive market reach and efficient delivery system, underscores its position as one of the best paying delivery apps and a preferred choice for both consumers and drivers [11][2][9].


DoorDash stands out in the competitive landscape of food delivery services by offering a wide range of products beyond food, including beauty products, pet supplies, and alcohol, making it a versatile choice for various needs [8]. With its significant market share of 65% in the U.S. and leading the online food delivery segment, DoorDash’s expansive platform caters to a diverse customer base [2][8].

Driver Earnings and Expenses:

  • Average Hourly Rate: DoorDash drivers can expect to make an average of $20 per hour, with a potential annual income of $41,600 for full-time drivers [16].
  • Expenses: Drivers face costs such as gas, vehicle maintenance, and taxes, with total estimated expenses of $1,758, leaving a net profit of approximately $3,840 or $14.83 per hour [16].
  • Reduction in Expenses: Strategies to decrease expenses include using a fuel-efficient car, DIY vehicle maintenance, and tax optimization [16].

Innovations and Opportunities:
DoorDash not only leads in market share but continuously innovates by expanding its delivery offerings, which generates more opportunities for drivers [18]. The platform’s new pay model, introduced in 2019, guarantees drivers keep 100% of their tips and offers a minimum earning of $17.96 per active hour in select markets like New York City [17][19]. Such initiatives, coupled with the option for drivers to boost earnings through promotions like Peak Pay and Challenges, underscore DoorDash’s commitment to providing lucrative opportunities for its drivers [17].


Instacart distinguishes itself in the realm of food delivery services by offering unique earning opportunities for its shoppers, with a focus on grocery delivery rather than prepared food. As of March 21, 2024, Instacart Shoppers in the United States can expect an average hourly pay of $18.33, though wages can vary significantly from $11.06 to $43.27 based on location and experience [21]. Notably, Illinois emerges as the top state for Instacart Shopper salaries, with Chicago, IL shoppers earning an average of $19 per hour [21].

Earning Details:

  • Average Hourly Pay: $18.33 nationwide, with a range from $11.06 to $43.27 [21].
  • Top Paying Cities: Includes San Jose, CA; Oakland, CA; and Seattle, WA, with an average hourly wage ranging from $17.19 to $23.49 [21].
  • Annual Salary Range: In top cities, salaries for Instacart Shoppers vary from $35,760 to $48,862 [21].

Instacart’s pay model is designed to provide shoppers with a higher guaranteed compensation floor, addressing common concerns in gig economy jobs such as tip baiting by narrowing the customer tip window from three days to one [22]. However, it’s important for prospective shoppers to consider that Instacart does not cover delivery-related expenses, which can include fuel costs, vehicle maintenance, and insurance [22]. Shoppers are compensated per delivery, not per hour, offering flexibility in how much or little they choose to work [22].

Amazon Flex

Amazon Flex presents a unique opportunity within the gig economy, paralleling services like DoorDash and UberEats but with a distinct focus on delivering a variety of Amazon orders [27]. As an independent contractor, the flexibility to choose shifts allows drivers to work according to their own schedules, using personal vehicles for deliveries [27]. The service caters to three primary delivery options:

  • Deliveries: Standard Amazon package deliveries.
  • Prime Now and Amazon Fresh: Groceries and household items.
  • Store Orders: Pickups from local stores.

Earnings and Compensation:

  • Average Hourly Pay: $18 to $25, with variations based on delivery type, location, and efficiency [27].
  • Payment Flexibility: Drivers can opt for daily, weekly, or custom payment intervals [27].
  • Additional Earnings: Includes cash bonuses, stock bonuses, profit sharing, and tips [28].

Notable Pay Rates and Opportunities:

  • 2024 Average Hourly Pay: $18.45, with a range from $16.11 (25th percentile) to $20.19 (75th percentile) [29].
  • Top Paying Cities: Redwood City, CA ($24.46/hour) leads, followed by Berkeley, CA, and North Bergen, NJ [29].
  • Advancement Opportunities: Positions like Director and Senior Amazon Delivery Partner offer significant salary increases, indicating potential for career growth within the platform [29].

This structure, alongside the variability in earnings and the potential for career advancement, positions Amazon Flex as a compelling choice for those seeking flexible work with competitive compensation in the food delivery sector.


Postmates, now a part of the Uber Eats family, offers a distinctive blend of delivery services that cater to a wide variety of customer needs. Here’s a closer look at what sets Postmates apart in the competitive landscape of food delivery services:

Market Presence and Options:

  • Restaurant Options: Shares over 825,000 restaurant choices with Uber Eats, providing an extensive range of dining experiences including specialized food categories like halal and gluten-free options [8].
  • Market Share: As of February 2024, Postmates held 2% of the U.S. meal delivery market, contributing to Uber’s total market share of 25% [9].
  • Subscription Service: Postmates Unlimited is part of a trend towards subscription meals, alongside other services like DoorDash’s DashPass and Uber’s Uber One [9].

Earnings and Opportunities for Drivers:

  • Average Hourly Pay: Postmates drivers earn an average of $17.42 per hour, with the potential for higher earnings in top-paying cities like San Buenaventura, CA, and Richmond, CA [30].
  • Flexibility: Drivers can deliver via car, bike, scooter, or on foot, and are paid weekly with the option for instant deposit [15].
  • Additional Earnings: Includes guaranteed earnings for new drivers, 100% of customer tips, and potential for additional pay through cash bonuses and profit sharing [15][34].

This combination of wide market reach, diverse delivery options, and competitive earnings potential positions Postmates as a key player in the food delivery sector.


Throughout this exploration of the evolving landscape of food delivery services, it’s evident that companies like Grubhub, Uber Eats, DoorDash, Instacart, Amazon Flex, and Postmates are redefining the parameters of convenient dining and gig economy opportunities. Whether you’re a customer craving a diverse array of dining options or a driver maximizing earnings, this comprehensive analysis underscores the shifting dynamics within the industry, emphasizing both the potential and challenges inherent to food delivery in 2024. Each service offers a unique blend of advantages, from competitive pay and flexible scheduling to a vast selection of restaurants and delivery options, meeting the diverse needs of users and drivers alike.

In culmination, the significance of choosing the right platform that aligns with individual preferences and needs cannot be overstated. As the food delivery market continues to flourish, understanding the nuances of each service’s offerings, pay structure, and market presence will be key to navigating this dynamic field successfully. Drivers looking to enhance their earning potential and efficiency on the road should consider innovative tools and resources designed for gig workers. For more tips, check out RoadWarrior Route Planner. Embracing these can be instrumental in maximizing earnings and operational efficiency, further boosting the appeal of the gig economy in the food delivery sector.


What is the food delivery service with the highest starting pay?
Instacart is recognized as the food delivery app with the best initial compensation for its drivers. On average, drivers for Instacart can earn about $30 per hour, with a typical range of $26 to $32 per hour, which can vary based on the city. In larger metropolitan areas such as New York or San Francisco, the demand is higher, which may lead to increased earnings, whereas smaller cities might experience longer waiting periods for orders.

Which delivery driver role offers the most lucrative salary?
Among delivery driver positions, Local Delivery Drivers and Home Delivery Drivers are among the highest earners, with salaries ranging from $39,000 to $195,000 per year for Local Delivery Drivers, and Home Delivery Drivers potentially earning between $180,000 and $195,000 annually. Other well-paying roles include Route Sales Drivers, Route Sales Representatives, Route Relief Drivers, Route Sales Delivery Drivers, Delivery Coordinators, and Route Drivers, with varying salary ranges.

Which food service company provides the highest earnings for its workers?
Instacart stands out as the food delivery service that offers the highest pay to its workers, topping the list of food delivery services. Following Instacart, Amazon Flex, Uber Eats, Postmates, Shipt, Favor, GoPuff, and DoorDash are among the top companies that compensate their delivery personnel generously.

Which food delivery service receives the highest number of orders?
DoorDash, Inc. dominates the food delivery market in the United States with a commanding 65% market share, including its subsidiary companies. Uber Eats, operated by Uber Technologies, Inc., holds the second place with 23% of the market share.


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